Old City, countryside and gardens trip

Old City, countryside and gardens trip

As with all our trips we begin by taking you upriver through the Westgate Gardens with its impressive, church and towers and quite special collection of trees. For a little time you may feel you have left the city completely before we bring you back downstream through the site of the old tannery, Canterbury’s former major industry.

There are numerous sites of historical interest along the Stour in Canterbury, but in keeping with our local, somewhat rural aesthetic, much of the river bank is wild and untamed. We will show you the Greyfriars island, with its medieval priory, then we pass under the high street itself and emerge from an old Tudor tunnel in one of Canterbury’s most picturesque locations.

Old and modern sit side by side with the clean lines of the Marlowe theatre give way to the jagged flint walls of the Blackfriars priory. Our turning point is at the site of the Abbots mill, where water still rushes over the old mill race.

On our return we take you past the ducking stool and the old weaver’s house. If you come at the right time of year we might pick a few blackberries too.


(Duration 60-65mins)

Minimum charge is 2 Adult fares.

Debit/Credit cards accepted.  visa1


Larger Discounts available for groups above 15. Please enquire.

Pricing - (Price year - 2023)

£ 28
£ 14