Short trip

Short trip

Great for children or when time is short! All our trips take you upriver through Westgate gardens, where there are many ducks and moorhens (they are quite partial to meal worms). Then, we navigate a maze of drooping Willow fronds before passing into an area known as the Hambrook Marshes.

For such a short distance from the city centre it sometimes feels like the middle of nowhere. You can relax and listen to the gentle splosh of the pole as it pushes the boat out to an old Victorian railway bridge with a very interesting reverberant characteristic. Gaze upriver into the Kentish countryside for a little while before we bring you back past Bingley island, where the Roman canal begins and the waterway becomes very narrow.

And it was nice of the Romans to dig us a canal because it means you get to go a different way on the return journey. On this route, we take you under a much smaller, but also much prettier little bridge, known to us as the fairy bridge. There are often kingfishers in this area and the ducks come here to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

(Duration 35-40mins)

Minimum charge is 2 Adult fares.

Debit/Credit cards accepted.  visa1


Larger Discounts available for groups above 15. Please enquire.

Pricing - (Price year - 2023)

£ 16
£ 8